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[Video] How to Use a Sourcing List to Find Inventory for your Amazon Business

Every business day since 2015, Seller Essentials has produced Essential Daily Deals, an Online Arbitrage sourcing list of items that can be purchased from online retail websites and resold for a profit using Amazon FBA. This business model is known as Online Arbitrage, or OA, and it is a great source of inventory for sellers based in the US, and abroad.

Imagine how your Amazon Online Arbitrage business could benefit from buying products that have already been vetted by the pros at Seller Essentials, sending those items to a third-party FBA prep service that can inspect, repackage, prep, label, and ship them to Amazon’s FBA warehouse on your behalf, and allowing Amazon to fulfill the orders as they come in. You may never have to touch, or even see the products. All you have to do is check the Essential Daily Deals Online Arbitrage Sourcing List each day to see if there is anything on the list that you want to buy, and repeat the process.

This is the perfect business model for people with limited time or space, those with children, full or part time jobs, physical limitations, and more. Experienced and brand new sellers alike have made the Essential Daily Deals Online Arbitrage Sourcing List an essential part of their Amazon Online Arbitrage business since 2015. You should too!


Features & Benefits

  • A minimum of 200 Amazon Online Arbitrage deals per month. Actual numbers are usually much, much higher.

  • Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals List sent to your email each day, Monday – Friday.

  • Each Online Arbitrage Deal is reviewed and vetted by the pros at Seller Essentials

  • Deals from a wide range of categories and various price points.

  • Minimum 40% ROI and $5 Profit per item – Find a couple of good items a month, order a few of each – and the profit you earn makes your membership in the Essential Daily Deals Online Arbitrage List– essentially FREE. Items are compared against historical sales charts to determine those that have the best potential for selling NOW, meaning you won’t be storing items, you’ll be SELLING them.

  • Perfect for the part-time or full-time seller. We handle all of the research for you. You review the deals, select the ones that fit best into your business model, and focus on other money-making opportunities throughout the rest of your day. The hours of wasted time, researching products that aren’t profitable – are OVER!

    Or – Add Essential Daily Deals to your current online arbitrage or other business model to increase the number of buying opportunities that are available to you each day. Many of our members are full-time sellers with experience in finding deals on their own, and they still rely on the Essential Daily Deals Online Arbitrage List to produce an additional source of profitable products each day.

  • We separate the list into sections:

    We divide the list into sections so you’ll know which items are hazmat, which ones could also be profitable for seller-fulfillment, which are available at multiple retailers, and more.

    Because Amazon continues to restrict more and more brands, we no longer make it our focus to put together a completely unrestricted section, although some days there may be more than enough to put them into a separate section, and if so, we will.

    If you are a newer seller, the best thing that you can do is to request permission to sell every time you discover something is restricted. More importantly, SELL everything you can. The more you sell, the more relevant Amazon will see you as being. If you are selling what you can in a specific category, Amazon is more likely to open more brands to you in that category.

  • Membership limited to 65 people. Smaller group sizes allow for less competition and more opportunity for you.

    We don’t give 6-10 deals to group A, 6-10 to group B, etc. We focus on ONE LIST, and our subscribers get ALL of the deals that we find. Why be forced to join multiple paid lists just because your list provider is dividing up the deals to multiple groups? Essential Daily Deals has been taking care of our subscribers since 2015. Other list services have come and gone. Find out what makes us different (and better).  

  • Coupon codes, shipping discounts, cash-back deals are researched and provided by by our team to save you time and money.

  • Inexpensive – The low monthly membership price of $199 brings the investment to less than $1 per deal. Select a 3 month or 6 month membership for even more savings. No long-term commitment – Cancel at any time.

  • Private Facebook Group – No obligation to join, but open to all active subscribers.

  • Money-Back Guarantee – As a new subscriber, you get a 7 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-back Guarantee if you decide for any reason not to continue your membership in the Essential Daily Deals Online Arbitrage List.


Take A Look at the Essential Daily Deals Spreadsheet

We thoroughly research each product and present the results to you in an easy to understand format so you can quickly see which ones are right for your business model. Scroll through the spreadsheet below to see how much detail is provided in Essential Daily Deals.



Greg…on top of you being a “truly nice guyu” you really care about your customers much more than just about any business I can think of.  – Robert.

Thank you for adjusting so quickly and being a customer driven company!! Great job all around. – Rob

Thanks so much for your generosity and concern for your clients. – Carla

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. – Marilyn

Greg’s the best in the business. – Tom

Thank you for pivoting so quickly to give your customers the best possible options in this difficult time. – Pam

I am an Amazon FBA seller based in the UK-London and just wanted personally to thank you for providing such a thoughtful and supportive email in difficult circumstances we all living at the moment, God bless you all and be safe. Thanks again. – Nadia
So it’s quite possible that from the initial email of daily deals that I just paid for my month’s subscription. – Josh
In one month I have made over $500 from just one deal that I got from the Essential Daily Deals List. – Matt
Awesome list, cannot say enough how much I love it, much better than other groups I had been in! – Pam

Thanks so much for letting me know about this group. I’m really excited about going forward now. I already bought 2 products last night, that i found on here. – Saylor

Received 2 days of finds and bought both days. The wisdom and experiences shared may well become at least as valuable as the finds. Really appreciating that aspect already. Thank You!! – Rod

I just calculated my ROI from my first month on [the Essential Daily Deals] list and it was 1035% (cost of list vs. PROFIT cleared)! I’m a fan! – Karon