Every business day, a select group of individuals receive the Essential Daily Deals Online Sourcing List delivered to their inbox. They have made Essential Daily Deals an Essential part of their business. You should, too!

I just calculated my ROI from my first month on [the Essential Daily Deal] list and it was 1035% (cost of list vs. PROFIT cleared)! I'm a fan!

Karon T.

So it’s quite possible that from the initial email of daily deals that I just paid for my month’s subscription.

Josh F.

In one month I have made over $500 from just one deal that I got from the Essential Daily Deals List.

Matt C.

Features & Benefits

  • Online Arbitrage Deals sent to your email each day, Monday – Friday.
  • A minimum of 200 deals per month.
  • Each Deal is reviewed and vetted by the pros at Seller Essentials
  • Minimum 40% ROI and $5 Profit per item – Find a couple of good items a month, order a few of each – and the profit you earn makes your membership in Essential Daily Deals – essentially FREE. Rankings in the top 1%-2% or less of each category – Meaning you won’t be storing items – You will be SELLING items!
  • Perfect for the part-time or full-time seller. We handle all of the research for you. You review the deals, select the ones that fit best into your business model, and focus on other money-making opportunities throughout the rest of your day. The hours of wasted time, researching products that aren’t profitable – are OVER!
  • Ungated categories only – No special permissions needed to sell the items from the Essential Daily Deals list.
  • No Restricted Brands – All of our deals are checked through a NEW Amazon seller account to be sure that new sellers are not restricted from selling these products. We only include items that everyone, including Brand New Sellers, can list on Amazon.
  • Membership limited to 100 people. Smaller group sizes allow for less competition and more opportunity for you.
  • Coupon codes, shipping discounts, cash-back deals are researched by our team to save you time and money
  • Inexpensive – The low monthly membership price of $149 brings the investment to less than $0.75 per deal. No long-term commitment – Cancel at any time.
  • Private Facebook Group – No obligation to join. Open to all active subscribers.
  • 25% discount for active subscribers on all individual Gumroad deal lists.
  • And much more!
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